18.–20.5. 2023


Animatricks 2022 got it grand finale on Saturday 21.5. at Bio Rex when this year’s best animations were awarded in Award Ceremony.

Best Junor Animation -Award was given to Sounds Between the Crowns by Filib Diviak (Czech). The winner was selected by media artist and animation teacher Kristina Laine.

Best Experimental Animation -award was given to Anxious Body by Yoriko Mizuhir (Japan). Judge for the Experimental Competition was media artist Niina Suominen whos statement for the winner was; Animaatio on hienostunut, sujuva ja herkullinen. Se leikkii viivalla ja ihmisen mielellä. Uskoin, joka sekunnin, otin sen todesta ja nautijn. Levoton mieli aikaansaa levottoman rumiin. Ja päinvastoin.

International Competition jury members animation direrctor Heta Jäälinoja and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 3D animation professor Peke Huuhtanen were selecting the winners for Best Documentary Animation, Best Student work and Best International Short Animation. Best Documentary Animation -award was awarded to Souvenir, Souvenir by Bastien Dubois (France).

Best Student Animation award was given to How to Survive with the Heatwave by Ronni Shalev and Alon Sharab (Israel) Jury argued the selection by saying: ” This film provided us almost physical sensation of different temperatures. The fast-paced story is beautifully animated and well constructed. We were struck by its professional quality. Successfully, but without moralizing, it captures the modern mindset and our attitude toward the slow catastrophe.

Best International Short Animation award was awarded to Sierra by Sander Joon (Estonia). Jury argued the selection by : The winning film has a great rhythm and fluent storytelling filled with small treats. Design is simple, but coherent and a pleasure to watch. The technique is used creatively, with mastery and ease. The story took us to a surprising ride to family dynamics. It captivated, entertained and touched us.

In National Competition was given two special mentions and the main prize. Judge for the National Competition was producer Pablo Jordi (Pikkukala). Special Mentions were given to Eating in the dark by Inari Sirola, and Deuce by Roope Sorvo.

The Best National Animation award was given to Roads by Iulia Voitova. Winner animation was argued as follows; The jury valued the balance between a simple and clear premise and a tasteful and effective execution . The energetic animation pacing (seldom seen in paper cut-out animation), and  colourful design were coherent with the existential yet light message of the film. Finnish Animation Guild granted for the winner of National Competition 400 euros grant.