18.–20.5. 2023


23. Animatricks International Animation Festival awards were announced on Saturday 20.5. at Kino K13:sta. Juries were pleased with the high quality of the animations and the diversity of the screenings.

In this year’s new category Nordic & Baltic Competition award was given to Swedish animation A  Long Protracted Scene of an Accident directed by Lars Henrik Anderssonin & Lisa Rydbergin. The judge, an Executive Director of Finnianimation Liisa Vähäkylä argued the selection as follows:

The Swedish film, on the other hand contains everyday elements, it is not fantasy, which in itself has a place in animation, but when I have heard from all the Nordic colleagues, the reasoning that animation cannot tell about the contemporary lives of children and young people right here and now. This film tells us that it is possible. The expression itself contains humorous elements even though the story is tough and realistic. It reminds me of my childhood in the 1970s, when children wanted to be told about everyday life, no surprise that this is what some buyers think, and in this serious world, I now want to take my hat off to that. Congratulations.

Best Animation for Children award was granted to  I am not afraid by Maria Mayerin (Germany/Norway). The judge in this category was animation director Veronica Solomon.


Best Animated Documentary award was given to Freedom Swimmer directed by Olivia MartinMcGuiren  (France/Australia). A documentary director Pauliina Punkki argued the selection as follows:

There was one film that stood out from this selection of documentary films. In this film The means of cinema were put in use in a very successful way. Especially I admired the way the film used montage to bind together the repetitiveness and similarity of historical events and all the different styles of storytelling creating a memorable and touching film. Freedom is important to all of us and I hope especially when so many people’s ability to think, live and act freely has been forbidden or questioned that we would not be afraid. I hope that no human or living being would not be driven into a situation where there is no fear because there is no hope left for a better future. I hope we can make a better world by sharing these important stories with the means of cinema.



A Special Mention in Documentary Competition was given to Armat by  Elodie Dermangen (Switzerland)

This year in the jury of International Competition were producer Elli Murtonen, Latin American Film Festival Cinemaissi’s Artistic Director Tamara Aalto and a student, director Roosa Vuokkola from Aalto University’s Film deparment. Since wide and diverse program jury had really challencing job to do when selecting the winner. Due this fact, jury decided to grand three special mentions in addition to the main prize.  Special Mentions were given to stop-motion animation Remember How I Used to Ride a White Horse  by Ivana Bosnjak Voldan and Thomas Johnson Voldan (Croatia), Home of the Heart directed by Sarah Saidanin (Switzerland) and to The Debutante by Elizabeth Hobbsin (UK).

Best International Short Animation award was granted to World to Roam by Stephen Irwinin (UK). Jury states as follows:

A multidimensional and visually interesting animation that takes the viewer to explore the concepts of boundaries, limitations and love. Animation skillfully and emotionally captures the challenging emotions experienced by every parent (Elli Murtonen) . An imaginative and poetic way to represent the relation between parents and sons. Stunning tecnique full of rythmn and sweet narrative engaging the spectator until the very end. (Támara Aalto). A beautifully told story about how our children aren’t really ours. The film will remind you of the paper animations you watched as a child and will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia. (Roosa Vuokkola ).



In National Competition main award went to stop-motion animation Other People directed by Anni Sairio and Joonatan Turkki. The film is Sairio’s and Turkki’s graduation film from bachelor program of Aalto University’s Film and Animation. A jugde for National Competition was Belgium directorSoetki n Verstegen.

An organisation for Finnish film and media workers, Suomen Elokuva- ja Medialantyöntekijät SET ry granted a 500 euros prize for the winner(s) of  Best National Short Animation.