A group of animation professionals go trough the wide selection of animation in competition series and select the most outstanding and surprising animations among them.

For the International competition jury members are awarded animation director and animation teacher Heta Jäälinoja and a head teacher of 3D animation in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Peke Huuhtanen. Jäälinoja has graduated from Turku Arts Academy on 2013 and studied her MA in animation in Estonian Academy of Arts. Huuhtanen has wide knowledge of 3D animation but he is interested of all kinds of animations, and special of short animations. International Jury will award Best International Short Animation, Best Documentary Animation and Best Student Animation.

A judge for National Competition is animation producer and CEO of Pikkukala studio Pablo Jordi. He is an experienced producer and he has been the showrunner of “Angry Birds Toons” Seasons 2 and 3. He has produced original series “Saari” , “Fungi” , “Royals Next Door” and “Taste Buddies” as well as European coproductions such as “Emma&Gui”, “Stinky Dog” or “Samuel”.

An award for Best Experimental Animation will be selected by animation director and media artist Niina Suominen. Suominen lives in the countryside in South-Western Finland. She has been working as independent  media artist for twenty years. Suominen works using simple animation techniques requiring handcraft. In her work she has been reflecting on traditional rules of animation and figuring out ways to break or subvert them as well as designing new ways and techniques to produce animation.  Improvisation, movement and rhythm are important constituents of her works.

For the Junior Competition the judge will be animation director, media-artist and teacher Kristina Laine. Laine is a diverse artist who is interested of different aspects of visual storytelling. Her works are made mainly for communities and they support learning, media education and diversity.