Royals Next Door – The Story of Finnish-Irish Production

Animatricks has an unique oportunity to have a creative director and creator of the series, Veronica Lassenius (Pikkukala) and producer Tamsin Lyons (Ink&Light) to tell Finnish-Irish-Spanish-Belgium co-production, Royals Next Door. The series got it’s premier in Finland on March in YLE and the reception has been truly postive. Roayls Next Door has been prodcaster also [more…]

Gutsy Animation – Behind the scenes of Moominvalley

An unique opportunity to have a look for making of award-winning Moominvalley tv-series. On this Masterclassa by Gutsy Animationin, producer of Moominvalley we hear what kind of process it has been to turn beloved stories and comics of Tove Jansson for visually stunning modern 3D-animation. The 3rd seasons directors Nigel Davies and Darren Robbie will [more…]

Marko Djeska – Animation vs Comic

Animation director, comic artist and illustrator Marko Dješka (Croatia) talks in his Masterclass about his artistic identity between these art forms and how he deals these issues in his works. Does the form of art (comic or animation) define the visual style or does the story dictate in which form the final piece of art will [more…]

Comic panel

This year’s festival theme, Comic is in main focus in this Masterclass. Independent journalist and critic Heikki Jokinen, comic artists and illustrator Anssi Rauhala and awarded comic artist and animation direct Hanneriina Moisseinen will take you further to these two art forms which are so close but also so far away each other. Panelists will [more…]

Leena Lecklin – Storyboarding

Leena Leckin is experienced storyboard artist who has worked in various productions e.g. in London, in Copenhagen and in Dublin. Recently she has been working in Gigglebug Entertainment’s new Disney tv-series Yellow Yeti as storyboard artist. Lecklin will tell about her work and what it is like to do storyboards for childrens animation series. She [more…]