Junior kilpasarja 1

Tämän näytöksen animaatiot ovat kaiken ikäisille lapsille sopivia!
Torstai 19.5. / klo 14:20 / Kino K13. Näytöksen kesto 71 minuuttia. Osta liput tästä.

The Inner Life

Ohjaus: Pablo Muñoz & Vicente Mallols
Tekniikka: Stop-motion
Kesto : 3 min
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Espanja

The human body is a huge place, mysterious and unpredictable, at least for the microscopic creatures what live inside of it. Join us in this trip to the inside of a dull lady to find out the hilarious and fascinating daily life of this [more…]

One More

Ohjaus: Frida Tonnby
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 4 min 19 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Ruotsi

During a warm summer day in the middle of the desert, a young man enters an ice cream parlour to order some ice cream. But his ambition to cool himself may end up getting the better of him, as just one more scoop could [more…]

The little boar that looked into the distance

Ohjaus: Daria Stolbetsova
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 5 min
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Venäjä

One day a little boar wanted to find out what is beyond the horizon, what hides the distance? What’s where the birds are going? All his attempts to get over the horizon were in vain. But thanks to a chance meeting, and his kindness, he was [more…]

The Blue pants

Ohjaus: Alexey Karaev
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 6 min 7 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Venäjä

The animated film is based on the poem by Dr. Syuz “What am I afraid of?”.


Ohjaus: Antje Heyn
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 3 min 36 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Saksa

META is an animated film that takes up topics such as change, transience, cycles, connection, and interaction in a playful and experimental way. The aim is to show that everything consists of many parts and that in the end we are all connected with [more…]


Ohjaus: Erik Verkerk & Joost van den Bosch
Tekniikka: 2D, 3D
Kesto : 2 min 20 sek
Vuosi: 2020
Maa: Alankomaat

In this ultrashort animated film, we follow an octopus who is a clean-up neat-freak. But sometimes even though you have so many arms, you still cannot reach what you are aiming for.

Polar Bears Boredom

Ohjaus: Koji Yamamura
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 7 min
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Japani

A polar bear who is very bored with various marine animals in the deep blue sea.

The Source of the Mountains

Ohjaus: Adrien Communier, Camille di Dio, Benjamin Francois, Pierre Gorichon, Briag Mallat, Marianne Moisy
Tekniikka: 3D
Kesto : 7 min 3 sek
Vuosi: 2020
Maa: Ranska

The Paccha-Picchus are festive little creatures. They live a carefree daily life in sync with the mountains. When the mountains come, their oasis rises and they are lifted up into a winter climate. The [more…]

I’m a pebble

Ohjaus: Mélanie Berteraut Platon, Yasmine Bresson, Léo Coulombier, Nicolas Grondin, Maxime Le Chapelain, Louise Masse
Tekniikka: 2D, 3D
Kesto : 6 min 55 sek
Vuosi: 2020
Maa: Ranska

Bubble a young otter, lives with three mossy stones and thinks of them as her family. Bulle imagines them as real otters, but as she becomes aware of their true nature, she [more…]

François Couperin. The Alarm Clock

Ohjaus: Natalia Ryss
Tekniikka: Stop-motion, 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 3 min 15 sek
Vuosi: 2020
Maa: Venäjä, Valko-Venäjä

A little film about genesis. The idea of creating a musical-animated album belongs to Irina Margolina. Design is based on my 2002 year series of half-abstract drawings “Wooden Horse”.