National competition

Best and fresh from Finland!
Friday 20.5. / at 19.00 / Kino K13. Duration 69 minutes. Buy tickets here.

Solid Ground

Director: Kai Lappalainen
Technique: Mixed media
Duration: 2 min 59 sec
Year: 2021

A small story about going forward.

The Landing

Director: Kaisa Penttilä
Technique: Stop-motion
Duration: 9 min 23 sec
Year: 2021

A girl is spending the day in a zoo with her mom and bunch of other tourists. Suddenly an unknown ship floats in the dock of the zoo and two strange looking creatures step out. The tourists are insecure about where the newcomers belong. Are they friends or [more…]

My New Rad Friend

Director: Timppa Luoto
Technique: 3D
Duration: 5 min 49 sec
Year: 2021

A shy boy’s lonely days in a game hall gets a sudden turn, as his favorite game character comes alive.


Director: Ylva Lii-Wahlström
Technique: 2D ja 3D drawn animation
Duration: 6 min 9 sec
Year: 2022


Director: Iulia Voitova
Technique: Mixed media
Duration: 1 min 15 sec
Year: 2021

A story about a woman’s choices: she’s looking for her way into the future. Not all roads are safe, but somewhere inside there is a harmony that helps her move forward.

You were in my dream

Director: Iida-Sofia Kivistö
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 4 min 8 sec
Year: 2021

A woman falls a sleep in rain. She meets an old friend in her dream. Her soulmate. The friend appears in a form of a bird.


Director: Roope Sorvo
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 3 min 54 sec
Year: 2021

A gambler thinks he can cheat death in a game of cards.

All my mom’s phone calls

Director: Iiti Yli-Harja
Technique: Stop-motion
Duration: 10 min 4 sec
Year: 2021

A chaotic but warm-hearted puppet animation documentary about my mother trying to cope with absurd de-mands coming from different phone calls.

Screen Time

Director: David Graham
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 3 min 43 sec
Year: 2021

The short-film highlights an unfortunate trend in today’s society in which people of all ages carelessly drive/cycle whilst staring at their phones.

Eating in the dark

Director: Inari Sirola
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Year: 9 min 5 sec
Duration: 2021

Through snakey dildos, setting boundaries and a journey through a mind bending forest we follow Siro’s quest for self discovery.


Director: Karri Esala
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 2 min 24 sec
Year: 2021

A man called Rape travels to a city to get some refreshments, but his absence causes disaster. At the end chaos is the destiny.

Burning Love

Director: Malakias
Technique: Mixed media
Duration: 9 min 55 sec
Year: 2022

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