Kansainvälinen kilpailu 3: Human nature

Humonoidi pulu, rallikilpailu sekä tositapahtumia 1960-luvulta.
Torstai 19.5. / klo 21:00 / Kino K13. Näytöksen kesto 84 min. Osta liput tästä.

A Most Exquisite Man

Ohjaus: Jonas Taul
Tekniikka: Stop-motion
Kesto : 14 min 46 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Viro

There exists a most exquisite man, or at least the world that surrounds him, labels and sees him as such. He has fantastic abilities, incomprehensible talent, he could even be called a genius, yet something within him is restless. Big questions utterly absorb him, leading [more…]

I’m a fish

Ohjaus: Daria Melnikova
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 5 min 10 sek
Vuosi: 2020
Maa: Venäjä

A girl can no longer share a cramped apartment with a monster who bothers her with his unnecessary care. And when the protagonist’s patience ends, she decides to run away from home.


Ohjaus: Daniel Gray
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 11 min
Vuosi: 2020
Maa: Ranska, Unkari, Kanada

Two brothers entertain themselves with a game of hide and seek. As one counts, the other hides in a small cabinet. Seconds pass… then minutes… years… and decades. HIDE is a heartrending and prescient story about family and disconnect, in a world that is [more…]

Black Slide

Ohjaus: Uri Lotan
Tekniikka: 3D
Kesto : 11 min 12 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Israel, Iso-Britannia

Eviah, a young and timid kid on the brink of puberty, and his best friend sneak into the Black Slide, the most terrifying ride in Aqua Fun. There, Eviah will gain insight to prepare him for events about to unfold at home.

Leopoldo from the bar

Ohjaus: Diego Porral
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 5 min 30 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Espanja

Leopoldo is an old man living in the center of Madrid and he has been going to the same bar every day for the last 12 years. This bar is the last remnant of his old life. When it is shut down, the loneliness [more…]

Angakuksajaujuq – The Shaman’s Apprentice

Ohjaus: Zacharias Kunuk
Tekniikka: Stop-motion
Kesto : 20 min 30 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Kanada

The Shaman’s Apprentice tells the story of a young shaman in training who must face her first test—a trip to the underground to visit Kannaaluk, The One Below, who holds the answers to why a community member has become ill.

The Seine’s tears

Ohjaus: Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer & Alice Letailleur
Tekniikka: 3D
Kesto : 8 min 49 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Ranska

17 october 1961, ”Algerian workers” get down the streets to manifest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the Police prefecture.


Ohjaus: Sander Joon
Tekniikka: 2D, 3D
Kesto : 15 min 57 sek
Vuosi: 2021
Maa: Viro

A father and his son are losing the folk race. In order to win, the boy turns himself into a car tire. Loosely inspired by the director’s childhood, Sierra pulls us into the surreal car racing world.