International competition 1: Dystopia & Hope

Swimming pool, virtual universe and memories
Thursday 19.5. / at 16.00 / Kino K13. Duration 79 minutes. Buy tickets here.


Directors: Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant, Anaïs Sassatel & Candice Behague
Techinque: 3D
Kesto : 7 min 3 sec
Year: 2021
Country: France

Beirut, 1982. As Nicolas prepares to flee his hometown, torn apart by an endless civil war, he crosses the path of Naji, a reckless teenager determined to go to the Swimming Pool. [more…]

I Gotta Look Good for the Apocalypse

Director: Ayce Kartal
Technique: Stop-motion
Duration: 7 min 3 sec
Year: 2021
Country: France, Turkey

March 2020. After China, the whole planet locks itself in. Our world, which we call “real”, is drained of what used to be its substance, and forms of digital life multiply, like these couples whose avatars share a common life in a virtual universe. But [more…]

Bye Little Block

Director: Éva Darabos
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 9 min
Year: 2020
Country: Hungary

A young woman learns that soon she will have to move from the blockhouse flat she lives in. After receiving the upsetting news from the owner of the flat she is overwhelmed with emotions. Her teardrop of farewell grows into a concrete monolith. When the drop [more…]


Director: Andrey Zhidkov
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 5 min
Year: 2020
Country: Russia

In cold repulsive world of chaos a man is searching for his true happiness hoping that simple things can evolve into his bliss. But his attempts end up in abyss of loneliness and poverty.


Directors: Janis Joy Epping, Diana van Houten & Yngwie Boley
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 9 min 30 sec
Year: 2021
Country: Nederland

A dangerous intruder gives Pilar the chance to discover the wild animal within and the means to escape the post-apocalyptic village she lives in.

Love is Just a Death Away

Director: Bára Anna Stejskalová
Technique: Stop-motion
Duration: 11 min
Year: 2020
Country: Czech

A tender story about finding love even amid utter decay.


Director: Kajika Aki Ferrazzini
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 9 min 10 sec
Year: 2020
Country: France

Set in a dystopian world, a young girl runs for her life while cameras broadcast the action. A declaration of love to the memories shaping our dreams for the future.

Abandoned Village

Director: Mariam Kapanadze
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 14 min
Year: 2021
Country: Georgia

Abandoned Village is a metaphor for a person who has forgotten the main feeling that comes from creating a world of love

No Title

Director: Alexandra Moyette
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration: 8 min 20 sec
Year: 2021
Counry: Canada

Through the memories of a small-town journalist, we discover Louisiane Gervais, blind sculptor and iconoclast. Their meeting sets off a chain reaction over which they quickly lose control. The animated short “No Title” explores the ambiguous relationship that exists between the artist, their [more…]