20.–23.5.2021 ONLINE


Nancy Denney-Phelps

When: Thursday 20.5. / 13.00 – 14.30
Where: On Eventive

On her Masterclass Unsung Women Heros of Animation well known animation journalist Nancy Denney-Phelps reflects why there is some few women in animation industry even though almost 65% of all animation students are female and why we all know the Fleisher Brothers and [more…]

Chintis Lundgren

When: Thursday 20.5. / 15.30 – 17.00
Where: On Eventive

How I accidentally became an animator. On her Masterclass Lundgren talks about wolf butts, drinking vodka in the countryside and about how she ended up in animation. Later on she’s joined by Draško, a mysterious producer wearing a white fur coat. There’s music, [more…]

Špela Čadež

When: Friday 21.5. / 13.00 – 14.30
Where: On Eventive

On this masterclass, Slovenian animation director Špela Čadež leads audience to her latest short animation, her working methods and especially her special technique, multiplane camera. Her latest film Nighthawk is dark and atmospheric, following a badger whose drunk driving and the consequences. [more…]

Katariina Lillqvist

When: Friday 21.5. / 16.00-17.30
Where: On Eventive

Propaply the most famous Finnish puppet animator and awarded director Katariina Lillqvist tells on her masterclass about her working methods and conduct the audience to her vast work career. Starting her work career in Czech with male directors and work her way from [more…]

Reinhold Bidner

When: Saturday 22.5. / 15.30 – 17.00
Where: On Eventive

In his Masterclass Encounters & Inbetweens Reinhold Bidner will talk about and discuss his artistic animated experiments in between various disciplines, formats and techniques. Bidner’s latest animation Utopia-C can be seen in Documentary Animation Competition. The session will be moderated by Animatricks [more…]