20.–23.5.2021 ONLINE

Erikoisnäytös: Tricky Women

Itävaltalaisen Tricky Women -festivaalin voittaja-animaatioista koottu erikoisnäytös ”On Traveling, Matters of the Heart and Peripheries”. Näytös nostaa esiin naisohjaajien tekemiä lyhytanimaatioita, joista välittyy laaja kirjo tarinoita, tunteita kuin myös animaatiotekniikoita. Kukin animaatio on vahvasti kiinni omassa ajassaan, kommenoiden ilmöitä ohjaajan omasta näkökulmasta käsin. Näytös on täysin ilmainen! Näytös soveltuu vain aikuisyleisölle. Näytöksen kesto 67 minuuttia. Katso näytös täältä.

Linzer Lust – Linz Delight

Ohjaus: Maya Yonesho
Tekniikka: Stop-motion
Kesto : 3 min 17 sec
Vuosi: 2019

Japanese artist Maya Yonesho visited Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, to explore the city’s character and specific atmosphere. Based on her impressions of the Old Cathedral, the Ars Electronica festival, Pöstlingberg mountain, Cafè Traxlmayr, the Tabakfabrik complex and much more besides she created one of [more…]

Vermessung der Distanz – Measuring the Distance

Ohjaus: Susi Jirkuff
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 7 min
Vuosi: 2019

The project explores urban edges as they correspond with the marginality of social groups who inhabit them. Distance, the anonymity of the architectural setup, decay, but also movement and interaction are subjects of a raw sketch that seeks to integrate a discussion about space and segregation into [more…]

The Outlander

Ohjaus: Ani Antonova
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 5 min
Vuosi: 2018

In the 16th century an elephant called Süleyman travelled from Ceylon to Lisbon before a five-month march from Portugal to Austria. This is the story of his life. To be a living royal gift is not an easy job, and even in death there is no peace.

Shaul und Iwan – ShaulAnd Ivan

Ohjaus: Rebecca Akoun
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 9 min 50 sec
Vuosi: 2019

In a small village, Shaul sings while Ivan dances happily around a table with other villagers. A moment of joy they will not forget anytime soon. – Based on a story of the collected ‘Tales of the Hasidim’ by Martin Buber.


Ohjaus: Veronika Schubert
Tekniikka: Stop-motion
Kesto : 3 min 50 sec
Vuosi: 2019

Set phrases and expressions from beauty tutorials are interwoven with the finer or coarser mosaic-like structures of fabric samples – adding a whole new dimension to the make-up term ‘contouring’.

Lieb Dich – Love You

Ohjaus: Sabine Groschup
Tekniikka: 2D piirossanimaatio
Kesto : 8 min
Vuosi: 2019

An ode to the power of poetry. A man reads a letter from his lover. A vibrant, sensuous story of passion, love, closeness, of fervent assertions and heartfelt vows takes its course – in drawings and writings, in speech and in song.


Ohjaus: Beate Hecher, Markus Keim
Tekniikka: 2D piirossanimaatio
Kesto : 13 min 35 sec
Vuosi: 2020

In the field of tension between work and private retreat, the downfall of an administrative officer is sketched who is no longer up to his changing environment and who finally succumbs to it through his own disappearance. As an administrative employee of a [more…]

Who’s Afraid Of RGB

Ohjaus: Billy Roisz
Tekniikka: Sekatekniikka
Kesto : 8 min 20 sec
Vuosi: 2019

An animation which plays with references to color field painting, abstract expressionism, minimal and conceptual art (specifically Barnett Newman’s series of paintings “Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue”), but also to genres of popular culture such as Disney’s cartoon Three Little Pigs and the film [more…]

In Her Boots

Ohjaus: Kathrin Steinbacher,
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto : 6 min 2 sec
Vuosi: 2019

Strange things happen in this BAFTA nominated tale about Heidi and her struggle to retain her identity and autonomy. While her granddaughter is visiting, she suddenly embarks on a hiking trip to the deepest parts of the Alps, revealing the reason for her devoted attachment to her [more…]