20.–23.5.2021 ONLINE


Instructions for how to purchase tickets and how to use Eventive


Q: How do I buy a ticket for the screening?

A: All tickets are sold directly in Eventive. To be able to buy a ticket, you need to login to Eventive. It’s easy and don’t cost anything. After login you can buy your tickets or Festival Pass. A single ticket for a screening needs to be bought from the main page of each screening on Virtual Festival -page. Festival Passes you can buy from Festival’s main page.

Q: What kind of ticket I can buy?

A: You can buy either one of these Festival Passes
– All Access -pass 40 euros (Includes all screenings, Masterclasses and other program.)
– Pro Festival pass 25 euros (Includes all screenings, Masterclasses and other program)
– Discount Festival pass 25 euros (students, pensioners, Includes all screenings, Masterclasses and other program.)
– School pass 50 euros (for elementary and high schools, includes all Junior Competition screenings)


You can buy a single ticket to individual screenings:
– Single ticket 6€
– Discount ticket for students and pensioners 4€
– Masterclasses 2€

Q: What does “Only in Finland” on a screening mean?

A: Only in Finland screenings are available to watch only in Finland. If you are watching screenings outside of Finland, you need to select All Access -screenings.

Q: How long is a single ticket valid?

A: After you have bought a ticket for a screening, you have 7 days to start watching. Once you begin, you’ll have 24 hours to finish watching that screening. All screenings and tickets are available until 30th of May (if not mentioned other way). Note that if you buy a ticket for a screening e.g. 29th of May, you’ll have only 1 day to start watching.


Q: How long are the screenings available for watching?

All screenings are available until 30th of May (if not mentioned other way). After you buy a ticket ad unlock the screening, you’ll have time until 30th of May to begin to watch. After you start watching, you’ll have 24 hours to finsh watching. Note, all times are based on Finnish time (UTC/GMT +03:00).

Q: How to I create an accoun to Eventive?

A: Login to Eventive is free. You can either create a new login or you can use your Facebook/Google to login in. You can create an account from Eventive’s main page.