20.–23.5.2021 ONLINE


Best National Animation 2021 award has been awarded to The Last Matador by Katariina Lillqvist (2021). The Judge of National Competition, Estonian director Ülo Pikkov says;

The best film for wonderful design and for broadening the boundaries of animation with political approaches.

Finnish Animation Guild grands 400 euros prize for The Best National Animation.

A Special Mention was granted to Freeze frame by Soetkin Verstegen (2019).

Special mention for excellent workmanship and the coolest atmosphere I have ever seen in the animated film.

Best International Short Animation award was handed to Mascot by Leeha Kim (South-Korea, 2019). Jury justified the selection as follows;

A little fox lives in a world that looks like a dystopy, but which actually is very close of the reality we are living in. The world, where a regular job has become a priviledge. The world, where a big number of precarious young people are fulfilling the needs of the middle-class. Mascot combines a documentary-like but creative animation with a touching and melencholic picture of the despair of young people.

Special Mention in International Competition was awarded to Genius Loci by Adrien Merigeaun (France, 2020).

Using the strength of animated expression to describe the fragility of one’s mind. With sensitive directing, a true to life story is executed with beautiful animation and background art. Accompanied with an evocative soundscape and music, the film becomes an art piece that moves you.

Best Documentary Animation award was granted to Maalbeek by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis (France, 2020).

This powerful animated documentary continues from what the shocking news reports can’t express. The protagonist asks a question that has something really happened to me if I don’t have any memories of the event. The documentary shows that animation can be very subtle and still be expressive and powerful. With the elements of scattering glass, breaking places and surveillance camera images, the protagonist is trying to remember what happened. But is it better to have haunting memories or remember nothing at all?

Best Experimental Animation award was given to Average Happiness by Maja Gehrig (Switzerland, 2019)

We are surrounded by the statistic, graphs, charts and diagrams, but do we really rule them? Or are they ruling our way to see the world? On the day of their liberation, do they show their power or their absurdity? Clever and vital animation of things that are so common, that we do not even see them any more.

Best Student Animation award was granted to To The Dusty Sea by Héloïse Ferlay (France, 2020)

Even everyday life in a family has its own drama, as two siblings are trying to get their mothers attention in a summer day. An intimate, simple but deep and human story, told with an emotionally strong animation. It manages to depict with understanding and empathy both the insecurity of the children and the fatigue of the mother.

Jury members for the International Competition were animation director Ami Lindholm, a former artistic director of Animatricks and Production Designer of Gigglebug Entertainment Janne Korsumäki and journalisti Heikki Jokinen.

In Junior Competition Special Mention was given to WhateverTree by Isaac King (Canada, 2020).

The animation film has fresh and skillfully made technique. The story is painfully accurate. The film tells a story of the collision of superficial social media and the balance of nature and its rhythms. The director doesn’t serve obvious end results instead he rather lets the viewer decide what they think of these themes.

Best Children Animation Award was granted to The Best Place in The World by Irina Torasova (Belarus, 2019)

The winner animation has such a powerful cinematic expression and artistic ability that it invited the judge and her 6-year old co-viewer to a journey where they didn´t want to miss a second of the film. The characters are appealing, the animating skillful and the story is an old one but still up to date even today.