We want to offer a safe festival experience to all audience, despite the current situation. We take all authority instructions seriously and follow current procedures in theaters.

First of all, if you feel yourself ill or have any symptoms of influenza, please stay home. Also if you think that you might have exposured on corona, follow current instructions and don’t attend screenings.

Facemask and hand hygiene
There are hand sanitizer dispensers in all festival venues and also hand washing possibilities.

We highly recommend all festival audience to wear a facemask when arriving to the venue and during the screening, especially in screenings with lot of people. There are facemasks available in our ticket counters All our staff is wearing a mask whenever it’s possible.

Avoid unnecessary waiting in theater lobby. Arrive to the venue only just before screening starts. By buying your tickets or festivalpass from our online shop you can avoid queueing. Keep 1-2 meters distance to the other festival audience as well as to our stuff. Keep the distance when arriving as well as leaving the theater.

There is only half of the capacity in use in all the festival theaters and other venues. In both Bio Rex and Cinema Orion seats are limited so that the safety distance to others remains. Seat which are not in use has been marked.