Augmented painting: Elli Maanpää 2019 // 3 paintings with 2D animation in Bio Rex’s lobby during the festival 16-18.10.

Augmented painting combines acrylic painting with 2D animation trough augmented reality. Scan the painting with Arilyn App on your smartphone to see it come to life. Remember to turn on the sound.

The artworks are inspired by Maanpää’s Finnish roots. Finnish idioms are famous for their pessimistic undertone. Like for example “Whoever is happy should hide it.” It’s time to give the idioms a second viewpoint. What if being the “Painter of the skyline” wouldn’t mean a pointless dreamer but she who points out the beauty in our world.

NB You can download the free Arilyn-app to your smartphone beforehand.

Elli Maanpää (b.1985 Turku) is Finnish visual artist: painter and animation director. She has M.A. in Art from Aalto University. Augmented paintings were Maanpää’s thesis work in 2D animation in Turku Arts Academy 2019. This year she has published a kidsbook and directed music video for the band Pihka Is My Name. 

Website: // Instagram: @ellimaanpaa