National competition

Friday 16.10., Bio Rex
Running time 89 min


Disount Ticket

Vanhoja poikia

Director: Team Seal
Technique: 3D
Duration:  9 min
Year: 2019


Director: Matti Koskinen, Vilhelmiina Koskinen, Vappu Tuomisto & Laura Pajunen
Technique: Stop-motion
Duration:  9 min
Year: 2018


Directors: Ilari Salminen and Niko Niemelä
Technique: Stop Motion
Duration:  1 min
Year: 2018

A story about a man accepting his destiny.

Ouzo and bizarre gold miner

Director: Riina Noro
Technique: Mixed media
Duration:  3 min 14 sec
Year: 2019

Animated story of adventures of a gold miner and a wolfdog.


Director: Emma Rautala
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration:  6 min
Year: 2019

Who you really are under all your masks

Skeleton in the closet

Director: Malakias
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration:  10 min 42 sec
Year: 2019

Skeleton steps to human’s shoes and explores human live. For a skeleton, everyday things, such as working, eating and sleeping appears banal and lonely.

Live a little

Director: Jenny Jokela
Technique: Painted animation
Duration:  3 min 43 sec
Year: 2018

A visual poem about struggling to fit in to a patriarchal society’s views on how a young woman should behave.

Mother and Milk

Director: Ami Lindholm
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration:  10 min 34 sec
Year: 2019

What happens when a baby is born? What if there is no milk? Or just a drop too much? When a baby is born, the fresh parents are drowning in mother’s milk and nothing is the as it used to be. The film describes the difficulties of [more…]


Directors: Lauri Pulkkinen, Hertta Lehtovirta, Sanna Liinamaa, Janne Häkkine, Ulrika Fredrikson
Technique: Mixed media
Duration:  4 min 10 sec
Year: 2019

Afterparty is a portrayal of old persons last moments and the value of microfungi, bacteria and other small entities living with us. Human world meets nonhuman in this psychedelic short film which mixes different animation techniques.


Director: Lauri Ketonen ja Konsta Verta
Technique: 2D Drawn animation
Duration  7 min 37 sec
Year: 2019

Timotei decides to get off at a station he has never been before.

Heviä kohtuun

Director: Juho Luukkainen
Technique: 2D Piirrosanimaatio
Duration:  12 min 18 sek
Year: 2019

Young fathers tell how they try to achieve contact with their unborn child. As it is impossible to have any visual connection, the only thing left is everything audible. Since talking to the belly feels quite awkward, playing carefully selected music might feel a bit less awkward. Carefully [more…]

Her head

Director: Emma Louhivuori
Technique: 2D drawn animation
Duration:  7 min
Year: 2019

A woman’s life is difficult because her head is a cat.

Still Alives

Director: Elli Vuorinen
Technique: Stop Motion
Duration: 6 min 02 sec
Year: 2019

Still Lives is an experimental stop motion animation starring traditional figurines from folk art from various times and places. Characters of the animation explore the theme of busy stillness from different points of view in seven separate scenes: a couple on an antique bridal box breaks up, turning into [more…]