Lauantai 17.10. klo 15.00, Cinema Orion
Näytöksen kesto 91 min




Ohjaus: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  10 min
Vuosi: 2018
Maa: Tšekki

A layered animation technique slowly reveals three personal stories of grief. The young characters open up with calm, honest observations about the perspective-shifting experience of suddenly losing a parent.

Bear With Me

Ohjaus: Daphna Awadish
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  4 min 46 sek
Vuosi: 2019
Maa: Alankomaat

A short animated documentary on immigrants who left their home and crossed borders for love.

A Cat Is Always Female

Ohjaus: Martina Mestrovic, Tanja Vujasinovic
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  15 min 43 sek
Vuosi: 2019
Maa: Kroatia

Through a feminist lens, the filmmakers pay homage to their professor Marija Ujevic Galetovic – one of Croatia’s most important sculptors. Marija’s life story and views are told through a combination of video footage and animation of her feminine sculptures.


Ohjaus: Nara Normande
Tekniikka: Stop-motion
Kesto:  14 min
Vuosi: 2018
Maa: Brasilia

Tayra and I grew up on a beach in the north east of Brazil. We were inseparable. The sea breeze brings me back happy memories

Musical Traumas

Ohjaus: Milos Tomic
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  10 min 26 sek
Vuosi: 2018
Maa: Serbia

Musical Traumas came to fruition as the result of the director’s obsession with music schools. It is a rhythmic compilation of traumatic, but amusing confessions of former students, as well as an attempt to visualize music with scrumptious, hand-drawn animation.

Fata Morgana

Ohjaus: Daniella Bokor & Leanna Berkovitch
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  11 min 04 sek
Vuosi: 2019
Maa: Israel

Christina, Anna and Rachel are three nomads. What brings a woman to wander alone?


Ohjaus: Esteban Ezequiel Dalinger & Cesar Daniel Iezzi
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  5 min 38 sek
Vuosi: 2019
Maa: Argentiina

A short film with powerful message in favor of migration, built on real testimonies that were animated by more than 50 animators from 11 countries in Latin America.


Ohjaus: Marcin Podolec
Tekniikka: 2D piirrosanimaatio
Kesto:  11 min
Vuosi: 2018
Maa: Puola

”Colaholic” is a documentary, a romantic comedy, and a memoir of a person who drinks way too much soda.

The Shadow of The Sun

Ohjaus: Ido Hartmann
Tekniikka: 3D
Kesto:  8 min 18 sek
Vuosi: 2019
Maa: Israel

7 years ago Boaz has cut all ties with his parents, brother & sister, his friends, and his previous world. The film tracks the story of his disappearance and embarks in a surreal journey into the memories he left with his family.