Animatricks has brought best animations to it’s audience already 20 years!

The oldest animation festival in Finland started it’s journey 20 year’s ago in Helsinki when some active animators wanted to bring Finnish animation to audience. First organizers were Simo Koivunen, Mikko Lindholm, Minna Nevanlinna and Kalle Määttä;

The idea for the festival was to organize a great party for all animators and people who were interested in animation. We wanted to meet other Finnish animators and to offer them a possibility to screen their latest animations. Our organisation’s Palikka r.y’ s own animation production was limited to two stop-motion, since we noticed that organizing parties was much more fun for a change. In first festival at 2000, we had the honor to have Finnish premier for Chicken Run from Aardman studios. The festival program included also six screenings of latest Finnish animation. In our evening club we had few kick-ass bands. We are delighted to see that Animatricks is still running and going strong after 20 years!

Competition was part of the festival from very beginning. In years 2002-2004 audience and jury was selecting best 1 minute animation. The first National Competition was held, in 2005 and in year 2014 the International Competition came part of the program.

In 2008 and 2009 the festival wasn’t organised due the lack of active organizers. During those year’s Animatricks had it’s own screening as part of Helsinki International Film Festival.

In 2019 former organization Palikka r.y stepped down and Finnish Animation Guild took charge of organising Animatricks festival.

This year’s festival has been postponed due the current situation in the world. Festival dates will be announced as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can enjoy festival winners from past year’s in our online-screening!