Festival winners of Animatricks 2020 were announced in Bio Rex on Saturday 17.10. In international jury were animation director Antti Laakso and animation director and Turku Anikistit association’s chairperson Lauri Järvenpää. 

Best International competition was tight and the award of Best International Short Animaion was shared with  The Fall by Boris Labbe (France, 2018) and Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul (Poland, 2019)

Best Student Animation went to My Little Goat by Tomoki Misato (Japan, 2019).

Best Experimental Animation award was given to Matter and Motion by Max Hattler (Hongkong /Germany, 2018) and Best Documentary Animation award went to Guaxuma by Nara Normande (Brazil, 2018).

Both jury members gave also a special mention. Antti Laakso awarded Memorableby Bruno Collet (France, 2019) and Lauri Järvenpää gave special mention to Take Me Please by Oliver Hugyi (Hungary, 2018). 

Also audience was able to award their favorite. Audience Award was given to Sweet Night by Lia Bertels (Belgium, 2018).

Children’s animation award was selected by festival’s creative director Hämid Shajarian. Best Children’s Animation was awarded to The Last Day of Autumn by Marjolaine Perreten (Switzerland, 2019), Special mention was mentioned to Teofrastus by Sergei Kibusi (Estonia, 2019).

Best National Short Animation was selected by animation director Kaisa Penttilä. Award went to Still Lives by Elli Vuorinen. Finnish Animation Guild awarded the Best National Short Animation by 500 euros grant.